How I do what I do

it starts with an idea, a suggestion, a conversation, a fleeting image glimpsed.

then images appear in my head…seriously. places appear, rooms, buildings, areas, moods, light, dark.

all this needs concrete and solid stuff…a location, a studio, a somewhere

the search begins, my head starts searching places I know….someone suggests a place i haven’t seen, and the images adapt, adjust and change., but the mood seems not to.

i look for locations, explore them and take pictures of them, i see how the light works, and how it can be manipulated and how my subject can work and fit into that space.

a location is decided on, and my head starts planning and visualising again…light, style, colour or black and white. faces, bodies, concrete, cables. speed, blur, still

then do it

Seriously though, most of the time I see something and I capture it.

Capturing Personalities


Patterns in the Whole



In the Wild

On the Street