Finding Peace

What has been sorely underestimated is the impact lockdown, and COVID, has had on mental health. Not being able to work, not being able to do the things one is used to doing. Not seeing ones family or friends. Then there is a lack of income, and what comes with it. All this impacts us, and our minds; it is not fun.

With the recent relaxation of the lockdown restrictions came the ability to travel across provinces for some recreation, and we did exactly that.

The last weekend in South Africa was a long weekend, and we met up with my family just outside of Swellendam in the Western Cape to celebrate my sisters’ birthdays – no not twins, just born on the same day years apart. While it was awesome seeing my siblings again, it was also a chance to disconnect and extract myself from work, society, and the stress that comes with them for a few days.

It worked wonders.

On the second day I found myself a quiet spot to sit, with my camera and a 200-500mm lens, and wait. I was rewarded with beautiful sunbirds, and peace.

Take time to disconnect and find some peace; it is also underestimated.