Depth Perception Exhibition 2015 - Karl Schoemaker


Depth Perception 2015

I am very fortunate in that photography gets me around; I get to see places on this planet not many get to see. This gives me the opportunity to get unique images.

At the end of an underground shoot at a gold mine in Crixas, Brazil, my hosts took me into these old pillar mining diggings. I was then told that we had to be back on surface in 15 minutes. as they were going to start blasting deeper down in the mine.

So; no time to think, find the shot, set it up, click and go.

This image forms part to the ‘Depth Perception’ show, which was a body of work covering some of my mining photography. The entire show was done in black & white…my favourite medium, however I think I prefer this shot in colour. I like the fire of the orange contrasted with the coolness of flash, and the monotone of the reflections and rock face.

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