Seeing Things Exhibition 2013 - Karl Schoemaker


Seeing Things 2013

Sometimes one does not have to get everything in frame, it is the details that tell the story.

The correctly chosen details say so much more.

The Mosque, at the time, was still under construction, and a heated discussion was underway between the Mosque’s security man, and the three Deans. I have no idea what they were ‘discussing’, but all three seem to be very passionate about it.

El Hadj Fode Moudou Camor Emam, the Imam of the Mosque was an elderly man who puttered up to the Mosque earlier on, on his rather modest, slightly battered motorcycle. The Imam stood to one side, waiting for the ruckus of the others to subside.

That is when I took this image.

I have images of him on his motorbike, of him standing and waiting, and a few others, but for me this was the key shot.

His hands show age, inherent wisdom, and….patience, endless patience which came from years of dealing with ‘passionate’ people.

My favourite part of this shot is the hint of an old 1980’s digital watch.