Don’t think, just capture, and rely on your instincts

A few hours drive, along narrow twisty roads, from Medellín…a quick segue: those Colombians can drive; scary stuff, but everybody drives in the same crazy manner, so it somehow works!…to a small town called Cajamarca, a simply wonderful place. There are very few cars, as one does not really need one. You can walk the entire town in under two hours.

I was shooting in the mountains on this trip at La Colosa and Gramalote, while staying in Cajamarca. I did, however, manage to have some time to myself in the town to do some street photography. Street photography is well suited to my style, which is to ‘shoot from the hip’ – don’t think, just capture, and rely on your instincts.

These three images are great examples of that: right place, right time, a second earlier or later and the shot is gone.

I took three quick frames of the butcher, and only one was spot on. I have had these images printed on canvas two metres across, because they need to be big, and they look awesome. So many stories…and thats what it’s about: letting your images tell the story.